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Class Descriptions

Open Swim

Open swim is a great way to get more practice in the water, or just have some fun play time! No instruction is provided during open swim.

Skill Levels


Parent Tot is a great introduction to the water for little swimmers from 10 months up to 3 years. This class is for both children and their parents. Parents will learn how to help their children learn water basics like blowing bubbles, putting eyes/nose/mouth in the water, kicks, floats and overall familiarity and comfort in a pool environment. Parent Tot is also a great introduction to water safety rules and practices for even the smallest of swimmers. Children will learn through interactive games and songs as well as structured class time all with an expert SwimLabs instructor.

Beginner 1

In this class, kids will be taught how to hold their breath, blow mouth bubbles, and how to properly front and back float with support. Also, the introduction to flutter kicks, free style arms, and kicking while floating on their backs will be addressed in this course. This class is good for kids who have little to no experience in the water and need to learn what it means to be "safe" around any body of water.The Beginner 1 class is vital to any new swimmer, which is not to be rushed. Several of the basics are covered here and is a great starting platform for the more advanced strokes. Prior to moving to Beginner 2, child must be able to submerge their head under water, perform all strokes covered in course for 10 seconds, and obtain a higher comfort level in the water.

Beginner 2

In beginner 2, your child will master how to hold their breath under water for 10 seconds, blow nose bubbles, float on their front and back by themselves, and practice streamline in the arrow position. Your child will also learn free style arms, side breathing, and backstroke. Prior to graduation to Intermediate class, your child should be able to do front stroke down the river with side breathe, along with completion of prior listed skills.

Beginner 3

In beginner 3, swimmers continue to build up their water safety skills and gain independence in the water. Front and back kicks continue to improve, and swimmers work on performing backstroke with proper timing. They also begin to learn freestyle side breathing with assistance.

Intermediate 1

This class is designed for swimmers that have progressed through the Beginner levels. Students in this class are working on learning to breathe to the side in freestyle, as well as gaining endurance with backstroke. Students will swim for longer stroke counts against the current and work on bettering their technique. Students will begin their introductions to both dolphin and breaststroke kicks as well as an introduction to breaststroke arms.

Intermediate 2

This class is designed for swimmers that have graduated from the Intermediate 1 level. In this class level, swimmers are building more endurance in freestyle and backstroke, while refining technique in those strokes. Students will learn how to do breaststroke arms, kicks and glides with correct form and timing. They will also learn butterfly arms and begin learning how to put them together with dolphin kick.

Intermediate 3

This class is designed for swimmers that have graduated from the Intermediate 2 level. Students will work on endurance and should be able to complete 75+ strokes of both freestyle and backstroke. Additionally, swimmers will continue to refine both their breaststroke and butterfly technique. Students will learn to do dolphin kick in a streamline position both on their front and back. Students who pass this level should be ready for more advanced swimming, like pre-competition. Any student who wants to continue to work on stroke refinement should begin to look into both regular and competitive private lessons.


SwimLabs offers two different types of clinics: Stroke Clinics and Starts/Turns Clinics.

Clinics are offered several times throughout the year at various area pools and can also be done upon request by individual pools or swim teams.

Call our office today for more details about clinics. 425-654-0910.



Private lessons offer advantages to all types of swimmers. Private lessons can help reluctant or anxious swimmers conquer their fear of water. They can help a student who is stuck on a particular skill and needs some extra attention to aid them in getting to the next level. They can also be beneficial for students who have progressed past regular group classes but want to continue to refine their strokes.

If you don't see the availability that works with your schedule, please call our office for assistance 425-654-0910


Competitive Private

Competitive privates can help swimmers from kids to adults of all abilities to more quickly and effectively improve their stroke. The Competitive privates are taught by our more advanced instructors in our private competitive pool that features 360 degree camera angles. Competitive lessons can help a triathlete get better prepared for their swim, a swim team swimmer cut seconds off before the big meet or show a beginner adult just how a proper freestyle arm should look.

Please call our office for private lesson availability. 425-654-0910

Elite Competitive Private

Elite Competitive lessons are run the same as a regular competitive, but are taught by an Elite instructor. Elite instructors are all former Olympians. SwimLabs Issaquah retains one Elite instructor at our location, as well as visiting Elite instructors throughout the year.

Please call our office for private lesson availability. 425-654-0910